How to Quickly Start a Compost Pile

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Want to start an organic compost pile quickly? An expert shares a home-made recipe that you can use to make your compost pile quickly break down in this free organic gardening video. View Video Transcript

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Sometimes, you need help getting a jump start on your compost. Times would be when you’re starting a new compost and there are no bacteria in your compost yet, or if you’re adding a lot of new material and you don’t have time to gather up some manure or you don’t have access to it at the time. You can simply make a home recipe. And I got this out of Jerry Baker’s Fast and Easy Vegetable Garden. I think he’s from California. But this is an excellent book, he’s a really old time gardener- he has a lot of books out. You can mix on cup of household ammonia, a half cup of liquid soap, and a shot glass of clear corn syrup in two gallons of water- very warm water- and then you sprinkle it over it. And if I put that in this compost, for example, that has this much new matter, by tomorrow, this would shrink halfway. So it starts working right away.