Tools: How to Make an Herb Garden

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Tools for making an herb garden: Learn how to make a basic herb garden in this free gardening video series, with tips for herb selection, soil preparation, and plant maintenance. View Video Transcript

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Hello, my name is Jose Zuniga. I'm representing We are going to talk about the tools that we need for the herb garden, whether it is indoor or outdoor. Well one of the basics that we need is, of course, is a water hose for the water. Most of these items, these tools, you are going to have them at home already most of them. You are like oh my god this task is going to be nasty, it is going to be dirty. No. You know why? Get some gloves to protect your skin, your nails, you would be fine. By the time that you start with your herb garden, you are going to forget about that. Now of course what do we need to loosen up the soil? We'll weasel and it would loosen up the soil really real good and of course we need the little claw it is going to come in really handy. Of course if you do ironing already, you are bound to have water spray. You are going to have that I am sure. Now you need your garden bucket. This is going to be helpful for the indoor herb garden that we are going to have, and not just for that but for the pots. It comes in really handy. Also a small little shovel, and of course big papa right here; that one is going to do the work, cause you start to loosen up the soil with the shovel first, then you go right behind with the garden weasel. Loosen up the soil because that is actually what we want. Remember check your garage, check your kitchen, because most of these items you are going to have them. So come on these are the tools that we need for an herb garden.