The Best Potting Mix for Growing Pitcher Plants

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Potting mix for meat-eating plants is different from regular plants, learn how to care for carnivorous plants like the North American Pitcher Plant in this free video. View Video Transcript

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Hi! My name is Wes on behalf of and in this video segment I am going to talk to you about what kind of potting mix to use with your sarracenias. If you want to know more about carnivorous plants, you can visit us at So the base of the potting mix that we use always is peat moss. Peat moss is great for these plants because it is slightly acidic and it is also very poor in nutrients. This is extremely important because all sarracenias grow in poor soil conditions. Some of them grow in soil that is almost completely sand in regions of the southern United States. The mixture that we like to use is about 50 percent pearl light and about 50 percent peat moss. You can use other things like silica sand or you can use a mixture of peat moss, pearl light and silica sand but you just really want to make sure that you are not adding any type of fertilizer or other organic compounds other than the peat moss. So I am going to go ahead and mix up a batch of the potting mix. Again, roughly equal parts pearl light and peat moss and this is going to give the soil a lot of aeration as well as keeping it very poor in nutrients. After we have mixed up our potting mix, we want to go ahead and add some water before we pot our plants in it and you want to make sure that all the elements of the potting mix are well incorporated with each other. You want to make sure that the water is well incorporated and also you want to make sure the peat moss and the pearl lite are very well incorporated.