Watering Organic Spinach Seeds

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Watering Organic Spinach Seeds - Provided by eHow
It's important to water organic spinach seeds consistently in order to help them germinate. Learn some helpful tips for watering spinach from a professional organic gardener in this free gardening video. View Video Transcript

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Alright now that we have covered to spinach bed up. Were going to water it in. We can't always depend on the weather. Were not having rain tomorrow or the next day. So were going to water the spinach in. Make sure those seeds get nice and moist. Were going to come back and water these spinaches every day to keep it nice and moist. We got, were growing these gardens here so that we can know that we have some fresh vegetables coming into the house. So were going to put this whole bucket of water here. Make sure that it gets watered in really, really good. As you can see this Remay creates a sandwich effect keeping it nice and tight. This also helps lock in the moisture in the ground to keep it from drying out to fast.