How to Turn Brown Grass Green in a Mild Climate

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Turn brown grass green in a mild climate by creating a watering schedule that allows the water to drain through, aerating the lawn once a year and making sure the lawn mower blade is sharp. Consider using a salt activator to help with soil aeration and... View Video Transcript

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I'm Bill Elzey with Show Place Lawns. How to turn brown grass green in a mild climate. Well here in south central Texas sometimes I don't think we are anywheres near a mild climate. But a lot of the things that we do can be done in any climate to keep the grass growing, keep it green, keep it healthy. Remember that watering is not always the thing that needs to be done. You need to schedule your watering and stretch it out in increments so that the water drains through. So one thing maybe you are over watering that can help turn it a yellowish brown color. So schedule your watering in increments to where the water will drain through, dry out before you put more water into it. Obviously every year you want to aerate that lawn. Aerations are going to open it up help it to breathe better, get more nutrient value down in the roots and also give a better passageway for your watering. A once a year aeration is a perfect thing to increase disease prevention as well, because of your air patterns and how things will dry out. Aside from that be sure that your blade when you mow is always sharp, cause we have noticed the grass sometimes can turn a brown color across the top where it looks like it's brown and it's simply nothing more then an indication of a very dull lawnmower blade. So make sure that blade is sharp. Another product that we use is a Medina salt activator. Medina works really well to clean out the toxins in the soil and it has been referred to as a liquid aeration. We used to aerate twice a year, we found that by aerating once a year and spraying Medina that we could cut that aeration down to once and the soil will stay soft and pliable. These are some of the things that can be done to keep the grass green. Not so much in a mild climate but in any climate.