How to Buy Gerber Daisies & Home Plants

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Hi! I'm Lori for, and today we're at Archibald Flowers and we're going to talk about how to purchase flowers. Gerber daisies are another flower that basically come a really long way and is being recognized by the consumer that they come in and ask for them by name instead of just saying do you have daisies. Daisies are very, very popular with the trend. Things that were popular back in the 60s and 70s have come back around again, and we see that in flower trends as well. Next, we want to talk about different types of flowers and plants that are goof for your home. Plants, living plants, are another thing that you see trend on that as well, people wanting to have live plants in their house. Not only do they help purify the air when you have live plants in your home, but also they add a lot of texture and color. We use a lot of the ivies and different kinds of spathyfillum and different plants, ferns, and things like that customers like to have in their home.