Sparaxis Exotic Flower Bulbs

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Sparaxis is a beautiful South African flower. Learn how to plant sparaxis flower bulbs with expert gardening tips in this free exotic flower video. View Video Transcript

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Sparaxis is a gorgeous South African plant that you need to have in your garden. It is called the Harlequin flower because it is multicolored. It is like a burst of color! Like a circus coming into your garden. They are really easy to grow. They come in different colors. This is a mixed color Sparaxis. They really are like a work of art. This particular flower has orange petals with a black circle surrounding a yellow center. It is just a shazam in your garden. It really is spectacular. They come in many different colors, hot pinks, yellows, reds, and they are all delightful. They are a tiny plant, growing to about a foot tall. They are a member of the Iris family. The bulbs are tiny and multiply quickly. The bulbs are pointed on top like a Hershey Kiss candy. Plant the bulb three inches deep, pointed end up, in groups of 3-6 bulbs. You never put your plants in time-out, never plant them alone. They like full hot sun, hot as it can get. Plant your bulbs in the spring in a very sunny spot. They will bloom in the summer. Except for the harshest winters, they will winter well in the Northwest. You may dig them up for the winter and replant in the spring. You may dig them up and put in pots in the garage for the winter. Sparaxis is a gorgeous plant from South Africa that you will enjoy in your garden. The next South Africa plant that we will talk about is, Tritonia.