How to Control Scale Insects on Outdoor Plants

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In order to control scale insects, mix vinegar and water to add to outdoor plants by spraying them on the back, bottom and in-between cracks. Control scale insects on outdoor plants and check for marks of insect eating with tips from an exterminator in... View Video Transcript

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Hello my name is Trevor and I work with Monster Pest Control, we are located at American Fork, Utah. And today we are talking about how to rid your home of insects. The first topic is how to control scale insects on outdoor plants. A couple of the items that we like to use on outdoor plants, especially if you are dealing with vegetables and your garden plants, is vinegar and water. Mix half and half together on your plants and once you do that you check your plants the back of your plants, turning them making sure that there's no insects rubbing them off. And then spraying the bottom of your plants to make sure that any of the, that the material hits all the plant, both up and down. Doing this up and down on your plant to make sure, check your plant to see if it has any cracks on it as well. And if it does, or any marks of insects that have eaten them, check those as well. And treat all of those plants.