Nerine Exotic Flower Bulbs

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Nerine is a beautiful South African flower. Learn how to plant nerine flower bulbs with expert gardening tips in this free exotic flower video. View Video Transcript

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The next South African plant we're going to talk about is Nerine or Nerine, you can pronounce it either way and it blooms in the Fall just like a Naked Lady and it's beautiful just like a Naked Lady. I almost like it better as far as the flower goes because it has more of a frill, it's really spidery, each bloom has a little more of a spider shape. It's fragrant as well and it grows so easily just like Amaryllis Bella Donna, same family. So again when I'm planting it, I do at least three in a triangle, but I'm to the point with anything that needs to be crowded to bloom, I plant them touching because if you plant them crowded then you get blooms right away. Where as if you put one in the corner it's going to take a few years to get a bloom and you don't want to wait forever for a bloom. So plant Nerine year around, it doesn't matter when you plant them but they'll bloom in the Fall and have a gorgeous pink frilly flower that will look really pretty in the garden or as a cut flower. Nerine is a South African plant that is a must in your South African garden. Next will talk about South African plants that everyone has in their garden already, Crocosmia.