Covering Organic Lettuce Seeds

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Covering organic lettuce seeds after planting is a great way to protect your plants from predators. Learn some tips for covering lettuce seeds from a professional organic gardener in this free gardening video. View Video Transcript

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Ok in my gardening experience I have found that it is best to as so as we plant the seeds, to cover these seeds up. What we are using today is what they call a "Remake Cloth". It is a woven cloth, I am not exactly sure what they make it of, but what I want to make sure I get it on the right side, so it has writing on the side. I put it on this side, it is best to put it on the right side. What we are going to do is we are going to spread this cloth out onto the bed like so. This also keeps the birds from stealing your lettuce seeds, since they are right on top of the ground. It keeps the varmints from tearing and digging in your bed while you are waiting for your seeds to come up. Believe me we have lots of varmints here, we have rabbits, we have armadillos and such. Now once we put that down we want to secure this bed from the wind blowing it off. We are going to use these pieces of plastic piping, whatever you can find is good to secure it down, to keep the animals and the wind from getting in there. Today we are using this little hook which would normally go like this but today we are using it to secure this down.