Final Check of a Lawn Mower

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Doing checks on and testing the lawn mower is an important part of maintenance, get expert tips and advice on lawn mower repair & maintenance in this free video. View Video Transcript

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Hi, my name is Peter Gutwein and today we’ve been looking at doing some minor repairs to a mower. We started off with sharpening the blade and doing an oil change and an air filter, spark plugs and we got into some more complex things like retorking down the head and cleaning your carburetor and cleaning it up and last and final step here is starting her up and making sure everything works great. If it’s a self propel mower, making sure that that engages and goes forward and everything rolls the way it’s suppose to and it’s not smoking or surging in the mower, anything like that. One other thing that I want to talk about about the engine speed is when you do have it running, the recommended engine speed it 3600RPM which is wide open throttle on these mowers. If you run it at any less if you have control of your throttle you’re really taking a chance because it needs that air flow to keep everything cool, you’re not helping the mower out by running it at a lower RPM. So we’re going to go ahead and give her a start, I’m going to pull the dead man switch here, this is the safety control to make sure that if you let go that the mower will die, you don’t want to put a cheater rope on it. This one has one on there I’m going to cut it off, you don’t want to put that on there because it’s really for your safety, it’s not for not annoying thing it’s to keep you from putting your fingers underneath the mower while it’s running. So go ahead and put that on there, I forgot the prime in here, give it a primer, give it three pumps there, put that on and just give it a pull. Okay, everything seems to be working perfectly for this mower, it’s ready to go and cut grass in a great way.