Tips for Moving Garden Planters & Containers

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Hi, my name is Peggy Robertson on behalf of Expert Today in this clip I would like to give to you a little tip on how to move a heavy plant without throwing your back out. Now for me I don’t have a garden in the ground as much for vegetables because I mostly have to do my tomato plant in a pot in my patio. They get pretty big and they get pretty heavy. The way I found to be able to move them around to get sun evenly on all sides is to use a little device like this that has wheels on it. You find these at the garden stores. They come in plastic and wood. You put your big plant on them and then you can turn them around so you get full sun on all sides and you don’t hurt your back if you have to move them from one side of the patio to the other. You just push them along. They go great. If it is in your house and you have in front of your window and have to move it to vacuum around, we just push it and it moves. It saves your back because you know how heavy these are when they are full of plant, dirt and water. Now small plants like this one are also heavy especially in clay. With them I get away with using something like a Lazy Susan. I put this on a Lazy Susan (oh, that is heavy) like that and I can just turn it around. any side to the sun. Even sun so I can get an even all day long. Great back saver, I tell you and your plants love it because they get sun all around.