Introduction to Growing Alligator Jaw Plants

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My name is Travis Steglich and I am with Steglich Farm Supply Incorporated in Bartlett, Texas and I am here with Expert Village to speak to you about propagation today of a succulent that I acquired and we call it alligator jaw. It is real easy to grow and one of the reasons we are going to use this plant to start off today is because it is so easy to grow. If you don't water it, it stores its own water and can last a week or so without water. I don't know if it even freezes very easily but ordinarily it is used as an indoor and it is called alligator jaw because if you take two of the leaves and kind of face them to each other, they kind of look the opposing jaws of an allegation complete with teeth because of the serrated edge. Propagation is really nothing to it and like I said for the gardener starting off, you can't get a better plant than this. It will grow in almost the worst conditions and with very little care. What we will do is start with putting the cuttings, the actual little plants that actually grow on the leaves into potting soil and grow these out from there because the propagation is done several ways. If you will notice the blooms against the plastic over here on the green house, those orangy looking bloom sticking up there next to the plastic, that is the actual bloom of the plant. Not that it propagates from that particularly, but I am sure that it does have something to do with the formation of these little plants. I'm not sure that it makes seeds in other words. Propagation can be done from a leaf or from one of the little cuttings that we are going to demonstrate here in a little bit.