How to Fertilize Garlic in the Spring

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Fertilizing garlic in the spring brings with it warm weather and a different approach than that of other months. Learn more in this free educational video series. View Video Transcript

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So now it is a little later in the spring. Again, imagine if you will the garlic is up two or three, four inches. This is the time when you really need to keep the weeds out of the field and also to side dress with a little fertilizer. This is a good way to get them up and growing faster than the weeds. Just run, here is your row of garlic, run this down right along side of them, just about that much and it doesn't take a lot of this stuff but a little bit goes a long way. And then carefully work that into the soil, right around the plants and this will get any of the small weeds that are starting to sprout. You are going to incorporate the fertilizer, it releases a lot of its nutrients right into the air instead of into the soil. So it is important to work the fertilizer any time you put the fertilizer down, work it into the soil. As for water, garlic likes about an inch of rain per week through the early growing stages. Later on from July, the last month of its growth it would prefer to be dry. So if you are having to irrigate you turn your irrigation off for the last month before harvesting in August. Generally the rain around here is suitable for good garlic growth. If you have the ability to water, go ahead and water by all means, it will do better. But just stop watering come July and let it finish its last months on the dry side.