Lubricating a Lawn Mower

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Hi, my name is Peter Gutwein and today we’re talking about some basic minor repair for mowers here. The next thing you want to look at on a mower would probably be to lube the mower. This mower right here is not a topping mower so it doesn’t have any grease serts on it, where you can actually use a grease gun. But there are some points that you want to lubricate up and make sure they’re working properly. You can use any kind of lubricant, you can find an all in one lubricant off the shelf or whatever, you don’t have to use a special mower lubricant of whatever. So I just have some silicon lubricant here that will work real good, so we’re going to just look, just kind of walk around the mower and lubricant anything that you see the ends of the cables, most of them are covered up by this plastic covering but there is some point right here where you’d want to make sure it’s nice and lubricated. Same with up on the top, this point right here, you can just kind of work it through and you can lubricate the wheels where any kind of corrosion of anything with that on the height adjusters here. You can’t really get any oil in the wheels unless you have a really nice mower where it has grease serts actually built in to the wheel, some of the commercial brand have that. It’s real simple but it does help prolong the look, ___ even more and make sure that things lasts, cables and such, lasts longer so that you’re not running to the lawnmower store when your grass is up to your knees or whatever. So that’s how you would lube up a lawnmower.