When to Plant Vegetables

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Many vegetables need to be planted at different times of the year. Get tips on when to plant vegetables in your garden in this free gardening video. View Video Transcript

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Hello everyone, I'm David Rodriquez, Extension Horticulturist with Texas AgriLife Extension Service. On behalf of Expert Village, we're going to show you some cool season vegetables that you can plant in late winter so you can have some real nice delicious spring harvest. We're very fortunate here in San Antonio South Texas to vegetable garden eleven of the twelve months of the year. We are considered the winter garden of the United States and many of you all up north aren't as fortunate as us to be vegetable garden because you might be real cold, snowy, or icy at this time, but as soon as the weather gets nice and pretty out there, don't hesitate, get out there, find a nice place, get ready, and follow some of these steps to get a nice successful spring and throughout summertime.