Using a Flower Filler in Rose Arrangements

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Adding flower fillers to a rose arrangement adds color and texture. Learn how to use flower fillers in this free flower video clip about arranging a vase of roses. View Video Transcript

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O.k., and then to finish off your rose arrangement you want to add a pretty filler flower. Want to add like baby?s breath, it's like a classic combination. And you want to go cut your stems, place them between your roses. You want to go just beneath the bloom like that, not to much just go around dot it. You don't want to overpower your roses, you're just complimenting it with the filler flower. So you're going to start, go around and just fill in until you think it looks nice. Don't want to clump it all together, want to cut your stems; place it around. See how easy that is? Cut it, place it; always make sure that the flowers are in water. That one gave me a little hard time, so I'm going to pull it out and redo it; tuck it down low. And you want to get it, just cut your stem length just long enough so that it goes down into the bottom of the vase like that. And that's how you accessorize your roses and finish off your product. You add pretty little filler flowers such as baby's breath.