How to Find Garlic Plants to Plant in the Spring

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Determine the right type of garlic for spring and its warming weather will allow you to use garlic in all your warmer weather recipes. Learn more in this free educational video series. View Video Transcript

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So now in theory it is spring, this is matted down from a winter of snow, ice, cold, things are just beginning to start growing and you may see some garlic start to poke up through this isle which is alright. If not, once you get some warm spring days, you will gently rake this dry off the crop into the space in between the rows. This will let the sun get down and warm the soil up and speed the growing of the garlic. There would be a row, little shoots just poking out. Very rugged, they can take a little nicking here and there. Don't want to cut them off or anything but you don't have to be real careful. So imagine if you will it is spring and little green shoots coming up every six inches right where you planted them. You just pull that back and let them grow.