Tips for Using Plant Sleeves & Pot Holders for Gardening

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Learn tips for using pot holders and plant sleeves in this free gardening video clip on garden planters, pots and flowers. View Video Transcript

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Hi, my name is Peggy Robertson and I am here today on behalf of Expert I am here to talk to you about plant sleeves. Now plant sleeves are what you put the plant into, it’s not the actual pot you plant it in. Say you go to a garden store and you bring home a plant that you think is really pretty and it is in that ugly black pot with the funky holes in the bottom. You just go “uh, what do I do with this. Well if you don’t want to go to all the bother of buying a decorative pot you can use a plant sleeve. A plant sleeve is a container with no holes in the bottom and usually decorative on the outside and you just take that whole plant and stick it in so that you see nothing but the plant. You don’t see that ugly black pot at all. Then you have a nice pot to look at and in fall when the plant dies, you just take it all out and throw away and you still have your nice pot for next year. You can use a lot of things for plant sleeves. I’ve seen people use baskets and they would put the pot with the plant in the basket and the plants flows over the basket and they usually leave these up and down the steps in front of their house. I would not put them in the house because these types of baskets seem to bleed their color out on your countertop and that is not very pretty. I have also seen people use coffee cans and their kids decorate the outside. You know how the little ones do with the macaroni stuff and they just stick the plant inside of that and that too is also really cute.