Harvesting Organic Lettuce

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It's important to place organic lettuce in clean water as you begin your harvest. Learn some other useful tips for harvesting from a professional organic gardener in this free gardening video. View Video Transcript

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Alright, now we've planted the lettuce, we've mulched it in, we've covered it, we've done all the things that we should do to make it easy and simple. And now we're going to harvest some lettuce. And I start with my bucket of water, because as you're harvesting lettuce, it's always good to let the lettuce soak in some good, clean water first, after you pick it. And what we're going for is the small, young leaves here, very small. We aren't really in to eating a big, mature lettuce; we want the lettuce when it's young, when it's full of the young nutrients. That way, when we eat it, it will go in to us and create young, energized cells, instead of eating old lettuce, mature lettuce, which is at its end of its life, which we don't want to eat. We want to eat the lettuces when they're in, at the beginning of their life. That way it's nice and juicy, and sweet, and good. We keep it in the bucket of water. We keep it nice and moist from drying out while you're picking your lettuce.