How to Grow a Hanging Tomato Garden

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A hanging tomato garden starts with selecting the right tomatoes, and smaller tomatoes are easier to grow in hanging baskets. Use a seed tray to start a hanging tomato garden with help from a sustainable gardener in this free video on growing tomatoes. View Video Transcript

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Hi this is Yolanda Vanveen and in this segment we're going to talk about how to grow a hanging tomato garden. Now tomatoes can be grown in the ground or they can grow in containers or they can be grown in hanging baskets. And they're very easy to grow but the key is selecting the right tomatoes. Now I have found that the smaller tomatoes work the best because the largest beef steak type tomatoes will kind of fall off or they get really big, they're hard to put in hanging baskets. But the smaller varieties like this little one called Sweetie is perfect because it's not to heavy, it makes a nice vine and gives you lots and lots of tomatoes. So the best way to start them is in a seed tray. So I've just put some grape seeds starter mix into the tray and put some seeds into it and keep adding water making sure that it stays moist but never actually sits in water and becomes really boggy because they can rot that way too. And you'll find the tomato will start growing. And the best time to start it is after the last freeze and before you want to plant it outside and it's not warm enough to plant it outside. Once the tomato is about one or two inches tall, has at least three or four leaves on it, you can turn around and put your tomato start right into a hanging basket. Now what I like to do too is use my hanging baskets in the spring too. So I have great highest of the blooms in the spring in my hanging baskets or any other spring blooming flowers and then I take those out or I even add the tomatoes right to the same container. And you can cut little holes in the bottom and have them hang from there or just put them right in the top and then the vine will come down. And you can pretty much train it to go any direction. Make sure and put it in full sun, give it lots of water and just trim out the dead leaves and take out the tomatoes as they ripen and you can have your own spaghetti sauce with your own hanging basket tomato plant.