Compost Kitchen Garbage: Part 2

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Add kitchen garbage to compost heaps or compost bins and learn what foods and materials are not good for compost in this free gardening video. View Video Transcript

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Hi. This is Yolanda Vanveen on behalf of Expert Village. In this series, we've learned all about compost and how to start your own compost pile. In this section, we will continue on kitchen garbage and what goes in and what does not go in the compost pile. So we all have fast food as Americans sometimes, and especially when you have kids (it seems hard to get around it as a treat). Usually anything that comes from a fast food restaurant...I could probably compost these buns because they are made from wheat. But, because they probably have chemicals added to them, I am going to throw away the meat and I'm going to throw away the French fries too. If they were home made fries that I made from potatoes and baked them not using oil (because I try not to put any oil in my compost heap, as well), I would probably throw them in the compost heap. But because I know these have been cooked in oil, and you don't want any types of oil in your compost pile, I'm going to throw them away. And instead of throwing away my bags, I'm actually going to save them and use them to start my fire in my fireplace next time. So, anything that you can recycle out of your refrigerator, whether it be glass, or plastic or paper or paper bags, there are many recycling centers that you can bring them to. But, these bags, I'm actually going to save because I use them to start my fire in my fireplace. Here I have some egg shells remaining. When I was growing up, everyone said to use egg shells in your compost, it was really important for your garden. A lot of people use egg shells in their garden and in their compost. But I usually throw them away because it still goes against my policy that I don't want any animal products, oils or bodily fluids in my garden (and then, the Styrofoam, I try to recycle as well). Here's some extra Alfredo noodles and really, they are made of wheat. So, if it were noodles alone, I would probably compost them but because they've been mixed with cheese and I don't want any type of milk products in my compost heap, unfortunately, I'm going to have to throw them away. So, now that we've decided what can and can not go in a compost heap, let's go outside and start our compost heap.