Preparing House Plant Soil

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Hi! I'm Austin Shepard and I am here with Expert Village. I am going to talk to you today about choosing some soil. So you are going to want to choose soil that is going to nurture your plant whether it is from a seed to a thriving plant or maybe a plant that you just pick out at your local plant store. So you are going to just want to go get your standard bag of soil. As long as you take care of the plant the right way, the soil shouldn't matter too much unless you are using one of these clay pots because the clay itself will extract the water from the soil. So if you have a plant in a pot like this, it is going to be most likely very dry and the soil might expand too much and if it expands too much, it is going to compact the soil. Some plants don't have very strong roots so they need the soil to be softer for them to crawl through. You might have to mix the soil with another material that is going to create lots of air pockets and make it possible for the roots to grow throughout the soil. So you are going to need a material like pearl lite which almost resembles a very very light stone. You can mix it up wit the soil. I would say about a quarter of pearl lite and 3/4 of soil. That is going to create air pockets and spaces for the roots to grow while they are growing. For most house plants, regular soil just any old bag for like maybe $7.00 that you get at a grocery store would be fine. Usually you don't have to worry about Ph or the acidity of the soil unless you are dealing with a more tropical plant or a plant that really really needs precise care.