Using Drip Tape to Water Garden Plants

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Drip tape allows you to control how much water your plant will receive. Learn more in this free educational video series. View Video Transcript

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So now we have some drip tape. Drip tape serves a similar function as soaker hose. But it has emitters spaced. This one is every eight inches. They come in different spacings depending on which kind you get. This one I think is every three or four inches. It's a different type; same function though. So, this very easy to put together. This is the valve. Some of them have valves, some of them don't. It's nice to have a valve so you can shut off one line. This just goes on there. And then tighten that up, like so. Then, with our leader hose poke a hole. There you go. Then we need this put on the end. So you can have multiple rows if you had a long section of the blue stripe pipe, at the head of your garden. And then you can put one of these down your row for each row. This goes on like so. Now we're ready to go.