How to Use a Mini-Sprinkler to Water Garden Plants

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Mini-sprinklers can give individual or small-group attention to anything in your garden. Learn more in this free educational video series. View Video Transcript

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So next we have a mini sprinkler. Two basic, three basic parts; this is the sprinkler head, it is going to spin around. There is different amounts of water, different colors will be difference amounts of water per hour. So that screws into here and punch a hole in your blue stripe and this goes in there and then it snaps on the base like so. There are also risers that you could put in between if you want to raise it up a little. Same thing this is just a riser, comes in different lengths or you can put it down here. This would do a ten foot wide so you can get a couple of beds in your garden done in one time if you just direct seeded carrots, lettuce, things like that, beets, this is a nice way to get a wide area wet at the same time.