How to Protect Your Garden From Deer

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Protecting a garden from deer requires creating a designated area for deer to linger, full of fruit-producing plants, to discourage them from venturing further into the garden. Keep deer at a distance from the flower garden with plant tips from a... View Video Transcript

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Hi, this is Yolanda Vanveen and in this segment we're going to talk about how to protect your garden from deer. Now deer so beautiful and they're so nice to watch, but they can do a lot of damage to your garden. So how to protect - how do you protect your garden from them? So what I try to do is set barriers or set boundaries for them, so if there are certain flowerbeds they're getting into, if you sprinkle some cayenne pepper, red hot chili pepper, anything that's really spicy into that area, a lot of times they won't come through that area, that can work, it does wash away as well. You can hang CD disks and the light will scare them away but my deer are so tame they don't seem to bother, that doesn't scare them in any way. And what I found to be really successful from protecting my garden area is to give them a separate area. So we've left about three quarters of an acre just wild and I've got a lot of apple trees and blackberries on that area, and the deer hang out and they hang out down there. There's water and there's fruit for them and so they don't seem to mess with the garden because they have an area of their own and all of their needs are being met. And even in my flowerbeds I have a lot of tulips, and I've noticed last winter they even dug up some of the tulips with their nose and ate the tulips that were on the side of the beds, but I put a lot of the tulips in the middle of a bunch of daffodils in the center of the beds, and what happens is they don't mess with the tulips if they're in the middle of the daffodils 'cause they smell the daffodils and they don't like the smell at all. And the same thing I put my lilies in the center of - a bunch of calla lilies or there's red hot pokers that are just a little bit sharp, and so I put the plants that they like away from the outside areas and the middle areas or in the middle of the raised bed areas, so that they won't get to them. And in the end with my strawberries and my roses, it doesn't matter where I put them, they seem to get to them 'cause they love them. So I've decided I'm potting them up and I'm keeping them in the greenhouse, because that's the only way that they don't get to them. I can put wire netting around them or I can put them in a tomato cage so they can't get to them but in the end the deer are very smart and they will find a way. So I've come to the conclusion that if I live in the country and I live with deer then I just set boundaries for them and I try to protect my plants and grow plants that they don't like first. And that way we can live together very happily.