How to Grow Indoor Plants With Artificial Light

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Growing plants with artificial light simply requires putting the plant underneath a light at night or when clouds impede any potential sunlight. Keep plants thriving with artificial light by following the helpful hints from a gardening specialist in this... View Video Transcript

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Hi this is Yolanda Vanveen from Vanveen bulbs dot com. And in this segment we are going to talk about how to grow indoor plants with artificial lights. Now we all love our plants outside in our garden, but we can also enjoy plants inside. And you don't need to have a really sunny window and you don't need to have a lot of artificial light for them to grow well. You only need a little light and I found plants really survive well indoors with a little help with just a little artificial light. I have found this window is the best window in my whole house for plants to grow. It is east facing so it gets the sun that comes up in the morning and then there is no sun in the afternoon. I've got this artificial light up here that is on every night. It's about the only light that I leave on in this part of the house. And it's just enough light for all the plants to have light at night as well. And it seems to be just enough for them to do even better then if they didn't get any light at night. And I found just a little bit of artificial light goes a long way. And all it takes whether it's a little light in your laundry room or a light in your bathroom or even a light in your office. If you put a plant underneath that light when the light's on at night it might be just enough for that plant to do really well. So of course the sun light is the best for plants. But not all of us live in areas where even when the sun is out and there's so many clouds to cloud it up, you are just not getting enough light in the house. So by just even having a few lamps or a few lights or using the lights that you already have, sometimes you can use clip on lights and sometimes even a night light over a plant will make all the difference. And try it that's what my case is, try it you never know what plants will do. A lot of plants don't need much light to survive. And they will do very well indoors even if it's a tiny night light above them. So try to plant your plants inside under a light and see how they do. If they are not doing so well move them into a sunnier window, and if they are doing really well, then leave them where they are at. But gardening can be really enjoyable inside or outside and you don't even need to have sunlight. You can have artificial light.