How to Prepare Potting Soil Recipes

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Okay now we are going to start to prepare my soil mix for planting of my grass. I am going to take one part of the existing soil that I have already excavated out of the hole and put that into my wheel barrow. Because there is quite a bit of sand, I am going to add some hummus organic matter. This will help retain moisture and just make that a bit more richer because it is kind of sandy. So there is one part of the existing soil, one part of the hummus and one part of peat moss which is a light weight mix that will help these perennials root faster. It just kind of makes it a little bit lighter and not so heavy. A couple of other things that I always like to add too because it has been so dry we are going to put about a tablespoon of this terrasorb crystal gel. This will expand in the soil and make it nice and wet and help the soil retain moisture so we are going to put a little bit of that in.