Defining Your Gardening Style

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Hi! My name is Allen Watts from Anything Grows, a store for gardeners in Stratford, Ontario. On behalf of, I am happy to talk to you today about new tips for new gardeners and looking at garden design. Today I am talking about differentiating your style and the first thing I would say would be to use as much information around you as possible. It will guide you, help you define your style and what I mean by that would be your home first all; what's the style of architecture of your home. Is that a style an architecture you are comfortable that that you would like to continue with respect to design on the outside or your garden spaces. Also it may also just be your preferences, so what you like, what you are comfortable with. It's different today in terms of the approach for garden design in that it is not about it just a big grass yard with parameter planting plan but more about using the spaces outdoors and with using those spaces outdoors allows much more flexibility to be able to also include that element of style and almost a definition of a style in your approach. Not that you can't have different spaces outside that would define a different style because that is very popular to, to have a meditation room or yoga room or something like that are designed very differently. But a style that you are comfortable with, a style that may compliment or enhance your home or the neighborhood, sometimes that helps to define the style. It is important to look at and some of that information will sort of guide you for coming up with a style that would compliment not only you but your property.