What Materials Are Need to Plant Snapdragons? Gardening Tips and Techniques

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Hello! My name is Jose Zuniga and I am a professional gardener. Today I am here to represent expertvillage.com. I am going to guide you on how to purchase every equipment that you need for this project. We definitely need a lot of potting soil. We are going to need a small amount of cow manure and we definitely need some mulch. Mulch is necessary to maintain the moisture of the snapdragons. Another thing that I am going to guide you to is how to prepare your own compost that way you can save a little bit of money on this project. Of course, we are going to use acid for this project. I know and I realize that snapdragons are not acid lovers but it is good for them. You already produce it every morning when you drink coffee; these are your coffee grinds. We need to also purchase different sizes of pots because we are going to have some hanging baskets in a regular potting. Well guys, this are all the materials we need today to complete our project.