Transplanting Vegetables: Mixing Lettuces

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The many kinds of lettuce mix well, so transplant these vegetables indoors and out without worrying about mixing varieties. Mix lettuces in a garden with a professional permaculture gardener in this free video on mass propagation of food crop seedlings. View Video Transcript

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As long as we have some contact, again, I'll even use the stick sometimes as a pushing device to tuck it in, 1,2. You see most people will plant the seeds in the tray, but with my poor eyesight, I rather work with the plants in this larger state. And on we go down the line, using your stick to fill in the dirt behind you. If the root is covered, even if it's partially peeping out, you're going to get contact, and you're going to get growth. Again, these lettuces, we might have a French heirloom romaine, and a heirloom American bib, and a speckled bib, but it hardly matters whether they're kept with their family group or if they're all mixed up. In fact, when we pick lettuce, it's a pleasure to wonder in the hoop house and pick lettuces of many, many different colors. So these will have 2 weeks maybe 3, in this tray, they'll grow and develop, and when we pull them out of their little plugs, they'll have tremendous well developed root systems like that, and they'll seed, they'll plant into the ground outdoors, and grow quickly, when everyone else will be starting with little bitty seeds