Overview of Daylily Seeds

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Now usually when you want new daylilies plants we either borrow them from friends exchange, go buy some new one's, divide your in half, once in a while you find something a little more unusual that you might read in a catalog called starting a daylily from a seed. Now that caught my interest one time about 6 years ago and when I order them they where about $1 per seed and the only thing that the description said was these where guarantee to be red. People like red lilies, I like red lilies so I thought why don't give it a try. Now the first year I put this one little seed in the ground the plant probably grow to about 6 inches. Little green leaves looked fine, next year may got to be about a foot, 3rd year got to be full sized, produce one bloom and it was probably one of the biggest flowers I have ever seen. Then the following year they have just gotten bigger. This is one of those seeds and as you can see it is red, it is thick stocked and it has lot of buds on it. So I was so pleased with the outcome, I have not found this guy since but you know what if I did see this again I would probably order them. So these is one of them from seeds, this is another one from seed. So even though I might of taken 4 years to get this plant I feel it was definitely well worth it and I would try it again.