How to Buy a Lawn Mower

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When buying a lawn mower, consider getting a mulching mower from a commercial dealership. Buy a good lawn mower with tips from a professional landscaper in this free video on lawns and gardening. View Video Transcript

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I'm Bill Elzey with Showplace Lawns. Let's talk a little bit about how to buy a lawnmower, or how to make a good selection for yourself. For most home owners, a good twenty one inch lawnmower like this, or this one, is a good idea. They're what I call a regular lawnmower. These things have been around forever. A good option in fact the option that you should choose, is one that is a mulching mower. The mulching mower will cut the grass, shoot the clippings up in the deck, cut them up more, and drop them down into the ground. You will notice that the sides are enclosed, and there's no shoot to blow the grass out of. It will give you a nice, clean cut and the mulching of the grass will help your yard, definitely hold the moisture, and do a lot of the same things that mulching a flower bed will do for you. Lots of different options when you look at a twenty one inch mower, self propelled has come a long way. This particular model, you have a speed control, and then your self propelled control, along with a throttle. This model over here, little bit simpler, you just pull the trigger, and it'll go. No throttle or anything to worry with. I would recommend that as you go to look for a mower that you would go to a commercial equipment dealer, as opposed to some of your home improvement places. At the commercial dealership, most of them take pride in their service, so they not only will sell you the machine, but they also have the service to back it up, take care of it, do warranty work and keep it running for you. It's been a proven fact that the equipment that's at a dealer, though it may cost a little bit more to begin with, will last you longer, you will have less problems with it, and therefore, in the lifetime of that machine it's actually cheaper than the one you buy some place else. Twenty one inch push mowers are great, they're easy to operate, and if your lawn is five thousand square feet or less, they're ideal. There are other size mowers that you can choose from. There's a company that puts out one that's twenty two inches, there's another one that's twenty six inches, and then they go to thirty two, there's a thirty also, I'm sorry! There's a thirty, a thirty two, a thirty four, the bigger the machine, the little heavier they may be to operate, but in those bigger sizes, you can also get a rider.