Transplanting Vegetables: Leeks

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Often vegetables can benefit from secondary transplants, like leeks that need just a few more weeks before being planted in an outdoor garden. Transplant leeks with a professional permaculture gardener in this free video on mass propagation of food crop... View Video Transcript

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Here's another high value crop that warrants a second transplant. Must have two or three hundred leeks in there, but if you look closely you can see they're starting to yellow, and my intuition says they've run out of room. And voila, you can see; they're pot bound, gasping for breath, no nutrients. Now, if I had the time, I'd peel them apart one by one into a tray, like we just did with the lettuces, but I don't have the time, so I'm going to take a shortcut; a sneaky little cheating shortcut. But you won't tell. So, give em' a bigger pot, some new food to eat, and a new lease on life. Now you might say they're just going to have the same problem in two to three weeks, and you're right. However, in two to three weeks they're going to fatten up like pencils, and then we can put em' out into the garden. It's just another little shortcut since I have the time, the soil, and the space in the hoop house to give them that secondary transplant. And in the next three weeks they won't take up much space at all. In fact, I'll just water em' in like that and they'll be happy unto themselves.