How to Build a Flower Box

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Flower boxes can come in a number of different shapes and sizes, but the easiest way to build one is by getting five pieces of square wood and nailing them together. Discover how kits can be used to help a person build a flower box with help from a... View Video Transcript

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Hi, this is Yolanda Vanveen and in this segment I'm going to talk about how to build a flower box. Now flower boxes can come in many shapes and sizes, and basically they can be built out of pretty much any material. And it's easy to build a flower box. The easiest way to build a flower box, is to go to your local lumber yard, and just get five pieces of square wood. And then you just put them together and nail them together or even glue them together, and you have a flower box. Or you can build a beautiful red wood flower box with a little more work. So there's many kits that you can buy or you can just buy the wood separated. And you can nail it together or you can even glue it together. And you will have a beautiful flower box that you can grow many, many flowers in. When building a flower box, there's many different types of wood you can use. You can use Cedar or Oak or you can use Doug Fir, there's all types of materials. And remember if you're using Cedar, sometimes if you plant bulbs directly into a Cedar planter. The Cedar puts out a chemical that actually will hurt the flower bulbs. But by putting just a plastic liner into your container, a lot of times you can stop that from happening. A lot of times, I like to put either plastic bottles or recycling or even moss in the bottom of your container. Because it doesn't necessarily have to be really tall to grow plants in it. And you can switch out flowers and you can enjoy them all summer, fall, winter and spring. It's really easy to make your own planter box, you can buy the kits or you can go to lumber yard and get the wood separated. But either way, you can make you own planer boxes.