Floral Arrangements from a Perennial Garden

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Learn how to put together a floral arrangement from a garden of perennial plants and flowers in this gardening video from a year-round garden expert. View Video Transcript

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So when you want to make a nice floral arrangement what you have to do is keep in mind the length of the stem and how big do you want to make it. Now, with these flowers in here. For example, this nice liatris. You have a nice green stem going down the bottom. When you clip them, you want to make sure you have again nice sharp shears, clip that at an angle. The most important thing to do is when you're actually putting it in the water is you want to get rid of the foliage that's in the water. The simple thing to is I just take my fingers and run it right down and get rid of it that way. This part in the water is clean from leaves and you just add flowers to it. I might take one of these nice red yarrows over here and add that to it. Look at the color combinations. This is an interesting plant, which is called the obedient plant because it always stands nice and straight. I would take this one here, add this color too, get some of the leaves off the bottom. I might take another one of these. These are actually quite attractive in bouquets and they actually stay nice for quite a few days. Take the green off the bottom. The sometimes I'm always looking for a brilliant color to be in the center of the flower arrangement. Look at this nice cone flower over here. This one right here. Nice head. I might put this in the middle of it because it's a nice big flower. Take the green off and here you have a nice flower. Now, one thing that people don't seem to remember is all of these green plants that you have. Anything with foliage, this is great for the back of the plant. I might take one of these nice pieces of zebra grass over here. These pieces right here will add not only a little height, a little definition to your plant, give it a nice back drop here. Then we have some of these other grasses over here that have these nice colored frons at the top. Take a couple of these and add these to your arrangement too. Makes them a little bit different, but actually adds a little color. Now, if you have one over here, I'll probably put another one over here on the other side. Then take this, put it over here. With the matter of probably, we have maybe 4 different plants here, a couple of grasses. Trim off your bottoms, find a nice little vase. There you go. Nice centerpiece.