How to Start Daylilies From Seeds

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Start daylilies from seeds by sprouting the seeds on a wet paper towel in a dark area and then planting the sprouts in the ground with a seed starter mix of soil. Water daylily plants well, but not too heavily when they are young using instructions from... View Video Transcript

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Hi, this is Yolanda Vanveen, and in this segment we're going to talk about how to grow daylilies from seed. Now, daylilies are a beautiful garden plant. They grow lush and full, with lots of foliage, and they set blooms that come back year after year. They're called daylilies cause' the blooms don't last a long time, but they'll keep blooming all summer through the fall, so they're a really easy plant. Most of the time you buy em' as a bulb, and you start em' and they grow really easily. And you can plant em' pretty much any time of the year, and they'll come up and bloom every summer. So, this is actually a daylily root or bulb, or they call it a tuber and it'll do. Just plant it and it grows a lush, beautiful plant. But once those lilies are blooming they produce little seeds, so after they're done blooming they make little seeds. Well, you can save those seeds and actually start em' in the spring as well. And it's really easy to do, and you'll find you'll have a beautiful daylily before long from seed. Let's show ya' how to do it. When you're starting daylilies from seeds there's a lot of different ways that you can do it, but a easy way that I found for a lot of different seeds is I just take a paper towel and put some seeds in the middle of it, and make that wet; not so that the bag is totally full of water, but that the paper towel is just wet. And I just leave it in a drawer in the kitchen for a couple days and keep checking on it, and eventually the seeds starts to sprout. And once it's sprouted I just put it right into the ground, and it grows into a nice plant right away. So, I just use any seed starter mix, and I put it in my tray. And start em' in the spring. Wait till' it's not freezin' at night anymore, and it's still starting to warm up a little bit during the day. And you just set your seeds right into the seed starter mix on only one inch deep at the most, and you water it well, but lightly. So, you don't just spray the water down so that the dirt comes out; you just mist it if you can. And you keep checking on it, and you'll notice they'll start growing quite quickly, and before long you can turn around and plant the daylilies as a plant into the ground. So, the seeds will actually develop into bulbs; it's amazing. And then the bulbs will keep multiplying, and you'll grow a gorgeous daylily for you in no time at all. So, you don't have to start daylilies by bulbs alone. You can start em' by seeds as well.