Planting: Growing Mexican Heather: Home Gardening Tips & Advice

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Hello. My name is Jose Seniga and I'm representing Well, we dug the hole for the plant. We soaked the Mexican Heather for about 20 minutes in the water. So what do we do now? We actually get to plant the Mexican Heather. Now this is going to be rewarding. Why? You're bringing it to your home. You're going to beautify your home. Remember. Always work from one end and work yourself to the other end. I have my four inches container here. We hold it this way. We remove the container slowly because we don't want to damage the root system. It's already loosened. Place it right here and remember we need two inches underneath, two inches around so the roots can just grow and take off. So, with your hands, tackle it. Don't apply pressure on the soil. That's the worst thing you can do because you want movement for the root system. You want them to be able to grow faster. There we go. That's pretty. Now, we get the one gallon container and we'll do the same thing. Slowly remove it. Great. We apply it here. Kind of center it. That's perfect. And, we apply the dirt on the side. And the same thing, do not apply pressure on the soil. That's the worst thing you can do to a plant because it's gonna, you know, you don't want to stop the growth on that root. Great, that looks great. We've got two more we're going to finish up here in a minute and this is how we plant Mexican Heathers.