Gardening with Grip Gloves

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Grip gloves help you to securely hold your gardening tools. Learn about gardening with grip gloves from an award-winning horticulturist in this free home landscaping video. View Video Transcript

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Hi, I'm Stan DeFreitos, "Mr. Green Thumb", for On Gardening. Gloves are a major part of having a good garden. Now this particular glove has some cloth on the edges, but it also has some of the nitro and the rubbery tips on the end of the gloves. Why is that important? Well, it's sort of out performs leather and it helps you hold onto the object that you're working with. If you're working with shovels all day long, or if you're working handling materials all day long, you're going to find you're going to wind up getting blisters in your hands if you're not used of being in the yard and garden. If you have a good pair of gloves, they're going to help save your hands from all those blisters, and all those potential problems. So these kind of gloves are sort of a hybrid, they're in between of having a full rubber pair, which tends to make your hands sweat quite a bit, and the cotton gloves which are mainly designed just so you can kind of keep your hands somewhat safe. If you use these hybrid gloves, you kind of get the best of both. They're not so heavy, they got some cloth to them, but they also got some of the rubber tips to keep you safe when you're working with some of the chemicals. For On Gardening, I'm Stan DeFreitas, "Mr. Green Thumb".