Broken Ceramics Garden Decorations

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Using broken ceramics and household items can add creativity to your garden. Learn how to place broken ceramics around the garden in this free craft video from a mosaic artist. View Video Transcript

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Cooie Grey-Lavin

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I'm Cooie Grey-Lavin, and in this clip I'm going to show you how to ornament your yard with things you might find in your kitchen or in a thrift store. There's lots of ways to add interest to a garden with found objects from flea markets, or your garage, or any spot you happen to pick up secondhand things. This is a simple bowl that has a chip in it that I simply buried halfway and stuck succulents in it and it will slowly grow up around it and still show the bowl. These are pot lids that were cracked, and again, they're just yard sale items. You simply bury them halfway and they accent the plants and show, the color shows off more. There's some simple stepping stones that have been placed in this area also, and I'm going to move over here. Another piece I did was a sunken piece of old ceramic pipe. I sunk it about half in the ground, filled it with dirt, and then added succulents to it, so they'll spill down over it eventually. This is a bottom of a bowl that is actually really pretty, actually prettier than the inside, so I just placed it upside down where the sun can hit it and it can shine a little bit next to this plant. Another piece here is a broken lid of a pot I found, and rather than throw it away, just sink it half in the ground and it looks like it's just half there and the blue accents the blue of the grass. The other thing you can do to add a little color is just simply sink a color potted plant right in the dirt next to things so that the blue rim shows off and accents the cactus color. You can add rocks, different kinds of rocks, and you can actually add the gems you can get at the craft store, the clear gems, those can be thrown around for a little accent. In recap, you can add anything to your garden. Just because it's broken doesn't mean it wouldn't look pretty in the right setting.