Benefits of Salvia Plants

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Salvia is a hearty plant that is very low maintenance. Learn more about the benefits of planting Salvia in this free gardening video about the Salvia plant. View Video Transcript

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The name of this flower is sage. It's a salvia. It's a tropical sage. But the botanical name is Salvia Cochineal. So when you go to the nursery they will show you this plant and I think it's a very good choice for a lot of places because it adapts really fast. And it's very low maintenance to keep it nice. And like you see here you can even have it when you have a little patio and not a big garden. You can have it in a pot. It grows real well. And of course you can have it in nature. It grows there even better. One thing I would recommend is after the bloom I just would cut off the stalk and when you look closely you will already see the new flowers and that shows you exactly where to cut. You cut just between in here. And then these two blossoms will bloom pretty soon. If you don't do this it's not a problem. But the more you dead head, that's the special word for it, to dead head, the more you do that the more blooms you will have.