Gardening with Hose Sprayers

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Change the flow of water from a garden hose with hose sprayers. Learn about the benefits of gardening with hose sprayers from an award-winning horticulturist in this free home landscaping video. View Video Transcript

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Hi I'm Stan DeFreitas, Mr. Green Thumb for another gardening idea. Now if you're talking about using a hose end sprayer, well this is one you might try to think about. Its got different attachments and you can actually kind of change the dial a little bit to make sure you use different patterns for your plants. You normally don't want to go in there with a gully washer. You know something that's going to blow the poor plant out of the container. This happens to be a good one where you've got an on and off little switch here, so if you have to put the hose down you can. In fact most communities today, if you don't have some type of an on and off switch well, the water police can sometimes you give you a ticket. So it's good to make sure you've got this on and off valve on your hose end sprayer. I know you think if you've got your hose you're not under the same restrictions that everybody else is. O' Contraire, you need to make sure you follow the rules like everybody else does. Also when you're watering, water what you need to water. Don't water the street, don't water down across the way, don't water the neighbor?s yard. Make sure you're putting it where it needs to be. A good hose and a good sprayer is half the battle in having a good looking plant. On gardening I'm Stan DeFreitas, Mr. GreenThumb.