How to Plant Seeds the Right Way

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Now, you will often hear about seeds like corn or squash that are supposed to be planted in hills. This is not necessarily true at all. It's an old way of planting and you don't have to do it. If you do want to plant in a hill, you just make a small amount, but make sure it's not a pointed hill. It has to be fairly flat on the top in order for the seeds to be able to stay in their space without getting washed away. Again, you'd put 2 or 3 seeds on top, cover them up, give them a good pat, and that's how you would plant. You don't make a pointed hill when you're planting because the water will just run right off it. That's not efficient. Now, the thing you would have to remember is how much space each of these types of plants need when they're growing. Beets don't need much room at all. They can be thinned as they grow and you can eat the beet greens. You will just come through. As these beets grow, you'd come and you'd pick out every other one or so. Now, the corn, 2 or 3 seeds in there because they won't all germinate. Then your next hale of corn will have to be 2 or 3 feet away because those corn plants are going to get big. With beans, it's the same kind of thing. How much room does that bean plant need when it's fully grown? It's not how much room the seed needs, it's how much room the plant needs.