Garden Supplies for Gardenias

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Hello! My name is Jose Zuniga and I representing Man, I am ready for this project. What do I need? For starters we need Gardenias but today we need four of them and for those of you who are afraid to tackle the dirt, get yourself some gloves. I definitely don't need the gloves. There's no need for me. I am going to create my own little mulch. As you are aware, Gardenias enjoy that acid lovers and what better to feed them with coffee grinds. Yes, coffee grains contain lots of acid and they are going to enjoy it. Okay, I'm sure you have a tree at home so get a couple of dead leaves and we are going to use that as well for our project. And of course, we need our regular shovel and baby shovel and our little fork that is going to come in handy for those little areas. Of course, we need a bag of potting soil, one bag will do for this project and I've got one bag of regular mulch. Well, I don't know about your guys. This is a beautiful day. I want to finish my project early, so let's tackle it.