Types of Bougainvillea Plants

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Bougainvilleas come in a variety of colors and plant types. Learn about the different types of bougainvillea plants with tips from a gardener in this free plant care video. View Video Transcript

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Now there are many types of bougainvilleas. There are vines. When first discovered in South America all the way up through Peru, the discoverers found this vine going clear up into the canopies of the forest, of the jungle if you will. It is a phenomenal growing vine. Normally twenty-five to thirty feet long. It can go up to fifty, sixty feet in its native growing area. It also comes in shrubs. Five to six to seven feet tall, ten, fifteen, even up to twenty foot wide. Thank goodness for wonderful new cultivars of this plant. There are now cultivars that come out in small, miniature, compact forms that are excellent for hanging baskets. And this handy little plant even comes in the wonderful form of bonsai. It?s twisted trunk with the flowers and the vegetation on top, what a lovely look for your home. Now as you can see here it comes in every color you can imagine: white, yellow, various colors of pinks, reds, purples; there's even this beautiful white variegated form. Again, it is a large family, many different forms. Again, what a lovely addition to your home and garden.