Attracting Birds to a Garden

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Attracting birds to a garden simply requires providing food in the form of berry bushes, and nesting opportunities with bird boxes, trees or shrubs. Encourage birds to thrive in a garden, making sure to garden organically to promote invertebrates and... View Video Transcript

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It's very easy to attract birds into a wildlife garden, basically you just need to provide food, shelter, and nesting opportunities. Obviously birds like trees, which gives them height and safety from predators. Birds like to seek shelter in trees and thin shrubs, there's also nest in these places, but you can also put bird boxes up against the trees for them to nest into. You can provide food for birds either manually or naturally. Natural food sources is basically planting plants that provide berries for birds to eat and sustain them through winter. You can also feed birds with nuts and seeds and bird feeders and on bird trays. But make sure when you start to do this you provide a continuous supply, so birds do not waste energy coming to a garden looking for food that simply isn't there anymore. It's also really important to garden organically to encourage as many invertebrates and soil organisms as possible, because these are other natural food sources that birds will feast on. And so that's how you encourage birds into your wildlife garden.