How Fiddleheads on Ferns Indicate Species

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Hello! My name is Reggie Whitehead. Today I am going to be speaking with you about growing tropical ferns courtesy of the Tropical Fern Exotic Plant Society and on behalf of This fiddlehead here is from a different species. This fiddlehead is from sathya princep also known as a psiada horda from Mexico. This fiddlehead has sort of a dark blond color scale. The other fiddle heads that you saw had dark scales. Scale color is also indicative of what species it is or what the plant is. As I mentioned before, most ferns do have fiddle heads but they all don't have this type of fiddlehead here as a fiddlehead on this plant, I can bring it up to you closer to show you yet another unfruling of it. The process usually takes about 3 to 4 weeks to become a full pledged fronds. Here is another example of another fiddlehead that is opened up slightly.