Growing Variegated Peperomia Plants

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Growing and caring for Variegated Peperomia plants requires keeping them out of the cold. Learn how to grow Peperomia plants in this free video on gardening. View Video Transcript

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Hi I'm Stan DeFreitas for On Gardening. One of the pretty little plants is called a pepperomia. This is a Varigated Pepperomia and with a nice kind of a yellowy cream color to the foliage. It has got a little bit of red or pink to the stems and it makes a nice little porch or patio plant. If you are in an area where it gets real cold you want to keep it inside due to any kind of frost or freezing type weather. Now the pepperomias come in a number of any different combinations. You can see it is grown in almost pure peat and why because that is what it likes. When you go to the nursery and you see it is growing like this and you see this little white root just remember white roots mean they're healthy. If you start seeing blackened roots or yellow roots you want to take your scissors and cut them off. If you have a bad looking leaf you want to cut them off as well. The reason they plant this in pure peat is because it holds a lot of moisture and it is good with holding fertilizer as well. Pepperonias are very heavy feeders. You are going to fertilize this thing about every two to three weeks. Good sunlight on a porch or patio, you'll have good results. For On Gardening I'm Stan DeFreitas, Mr. Green Thumb.