Organic Parsley Gardening Tools

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A spade shovel is a useful gardening tool for growing organic parsley. Learn more about tools you can use from a professional organic gardener in this free gardening video. View Video Transcript

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OK lets talk about the few tools that we need to plant the parsley. One of the tools is the shovel. The shovel were going to use to get the bed ready and were going out dig the dirt out here and clear out some of the weeds and this bed here were going to put parsley in and I see we have some volunteer. We live in Tennessee and here we have some volunteer strawberries that are in a bed that we don't really want so were going to temporally put them over here and we will transplant them later on. The other tool that were going to be using today is the rake. The rake we will be using to bust the dirt up. To rake the bet out to form the bed so that we have a nice surface to work on. To plant those seeds in. Then the next thing that were going to use is a simple stick and this stick will be used to plant. To make the rows for the seeds to go in to and that?s the tools that we will be using today to plant parsley.