How to Plant Hanging Tomato Plants

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The best type of basket for a hanging tomato plant is a basket that has holes in the bottom, and these plants are best started by growing them from seed. Find out why it's easier to grow smaller tomatoes in hanging baskets with help from a sustainable... View Video Transcript

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Hi this is Yolanda Vanveen and in this segment we're going to talk about how to plant hanging tomato plants. Many plants can grow in hanging baskets and there's lots of different types of hanging baskets. But I have found that the best type of basket for a hanging tomato plant is the type of basket that has holes on the bottom, so it's an upside down type of container. And it's a lot easier to start them with plants already growing then from seed, although you can start them from seed you just have to be a little more patient. I have found that the smaller tomatoes work better then the larger varieties because the smaller tomatoes will stay more compact where the larger ones sometimes break off, but it's really simple. So you can take any type of hanging basket or especially these upside down type baskets and you just fill it with some compost or potting soil, some good earthy organic material and then take a tomato start and take the dirt off of it so you just have the root and then just make a hole in there and put the root in there and hang the tomato down. And as long as that root is really engaged in there and hooked, you'll find that it will grow really easily and it'll just keep filling in. You can also put the tomatoes on the top and they'll kind of come over from the top as well. And keep it watered well and it's much easier to use a hose that has a mister on it and not real strong force because you can break the little tomatoes as they grow and the plants. And put it in as much sun as possible, they need a lot of heat because they won't do well if it's too shady. So make sure and water your hanging tomato plants regularly, you don't want it to sit in a bog of water either because they'll rot out, but you want to water them well, kind of let them dry out a little bit in between and that way they'll keep producing tomatoes summer through fall and you can enjoy your hanging basket tomato plant.